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Constitution -     WORD             PDF

Bylaws          -     WORD             PDF



Membership application -    WORD      PDF


NOTE:  Once you have filled out the form and signed the waiver, please either mail the document to the address on the application or hand it any officer of the club.

Membership fees can be submitted via check or cash along with the form.  If you prefer, there is a link below to make your membership fee payment through PayPal.

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By registering for membership in the Brighton Bee Club, you acknowledge that your have read and accept the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dan Rau at (303) 659-4106.  You must also mail or turn in a completed and signed application form for your membership to be activated.  The links above contain the referenced documents.


Membership Fee


NOTE - Please read:


"With CSBA" means that you are including the membership fee for joining the Colorado State Bee Association (CSBA).  The total is the Brighton Bee Club annual membership fee ($13) plus the annual CSBA fee ($7).

"Without CSBA" means that you have already paid, or are going to pay, the CSBA membership fee through another club or directly to CSBA.  Total is the Brighton Bee Club annual membership fee ($13).



If you having any problems with this page or with the Paypal page,

please call or email Dan Rau - (303) 659-4106